Notice to Districts, Groups, and Service Entities Contributing to CNCA 06

As some of you may already know, California Northern Coastal Area 06 (CNCA 06) has recently elected a new treasurer. All of the Area Officers, along with the Finance Committee, are working hard to address the issues that arose earlier this year with our finances, and we are sorry for the inconvenience and stress that this may have caused your group. This notice is to provide accurate information that can be shared with the Fellowship regarding the state of the Area’s finances.

We are aware that several contributions to CNCA – some made several months ago – were not processed, and contributions were not deposited into the Area bank account. Other contributions were deposited, but the entity making the contribution never received a receipt. We have made every effort to process any contributions, and believe that any contributions received before October 1 have now been processed.

If any group has outstanding checks, those should be considered lost.  At this point receipts are being sent for checks from September and October. If your group would like a receipt for a contribution received earlier this year, please get in touch with the Area Treasurer at

The Area is attempting to recover from its financial issues as quickly as possible, but our uncertainty regarding finances has resulted in us dipping into our Prudent Reserve to cover ongoing expenses. We are attempting to reduce expenses, but groups can help by re-sending any contributions that have not been processed or deposited.

Please feel free to contact CNCA with questions or concerns.

Thank you.

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