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Keep your Zoom App UpdatedAll users will need to update to the new version by 5/31/2020

If you are new to A.A. or think you have a problem with alcohol please contact us now:
T: 415-674-1821 (SF) 415-499-0400 (Marin)
Click the blue chat button on the lower right

We have gotten some reports that members are having trouble accessing meetings on Zoom. If this happens to you, one reason could be that your application is not current.  

Zoom has once again made changes to meeting defaults and ALL USERS WILL NEED TO UPDATE THEIR VERSIONS BY 5/31/2020 to use Zoom:

  • Zoom 5.0 allows Participants to click to open links in the chat
  • The update allows meeting Hosts to report disruptive meeting attendees

To install the Zoom release:

On a desktop computer, open Zoom and check for updates. On a mobile device or tablet, update the app as you would with any other (App Store for iOs or Google Play for Android).

Our friends at the New York Intergroup have made updates to their Protection Guide with more information! Thanks for sharing, NYIG!

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