Marin County officials recently approved guidelines for outdoor recovery based meetings. If your group is currently meeting in person or you would like to create an in-person outdoor meeting please refer to these guidelines. Additionally, the Q&A from the Town Hall have been posted here.

Similar to coordination of facilities when we used to meet in person, groups will need to coordinate with the officials in charge of the park they would like to meet in to determine availability and any protocols in place in addition to the guidelines

Marin County Regional Parks have already agreed to allow us to meet. This includes McInnis Park, McNears Beach Park, Stafford Lake Park, and Paradise Beach Park. The process for requesting one of these parks is:

  1. Select a Marin Regional Park
  2. Email or call Jen Fujimoto (415)-473-7608 [email protected] to express interest in a particular park
  3. Request a recurring use permit (one time $34 fee) and fill out a Site Specific Protection Plan form – links are in the guidelines
  4. Parks and Rec will consider the request and be in contact

For all other parks within the county, including open space, groups will need to contact the Parks and Recreation Department in charge. Check out this super cool graphic below of a sample seating arrangement. Think of the possibilities!