Group Contributions are part of the 7th Tradition of A.A.:

Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Contributions can be made online or mailed to Central Office.

Marin Contribution/Literature History

Contributions and Literature Purchases for the current and prior 2 years.
meetinglocationareadaytimecontr cur yrcontr last yrcontr prior yrlit cur yrlit last yrlit prior yrgroup id
12 & 12 StudyRedwood Presbyterian ChurchLarkspurSat8:15 AM$208$284$158$0$51$0
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurSun7:00 AM$205$110$868$4$200$5723
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurTue7:00 AM$0$0$69$0$0$023
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurThu7:00 AM$0$139$224$0$0$023
A Vision For YouFairfaxSun7:30 PM$0$979$705$50$204$242
AA By The BaySt. Luke ChurchSan RafaelTue7:30 PM$50$240$0$0$189$58
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxSun7:00 AM$650$0$0$0$0$065
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxMon7:00 AM$0$0$0$0$117$065
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxTue7:00 AM$443$0$0$0$0$065
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxThu7:00 AM$740$5,406 $6,762 $160$216$1,055 65
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxSat7:00 AM$0$591$0$89$0$065
AwakeningsNazarene ChurchNovatoSat8:30 AM$126$282$348$0$2$69
Awareness / AcceptanceSt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelMon10:30 AM$0$330$432$24$91$52
Back To BasicsMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSun9:30 AM$198$431$413$0$0$0
Beginners HelpNovato United MethodistNovatoThu8:00 PM$0$50$150$99$217$334
Bounce BackStrawberry Rec CenterMill ValleyMon6:00 PM$0$150$550$0$0$0
CaledoniaCity HallSausalitoSun8:00 PM$546$551$1,190 $0$21$40
Candlelight MeditationHoly Innocents ChurchCorte MaderaMon7:30 PM$0$130$60$0$30$0
Closed Women's Step StudyNovato United MethodistNovatoTue3:30 PM$150$185$181$0$0$0
Conscious ContactFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoSat6:00 PM$0$69$470$0$50$0
Constructive Criticism StagMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelThu7:15 PM$159$0$0$0$34$291
Corte Madera Saturday CandlelightHillside ChurchCorte MaderaSat8:00 PM$425$1,641 $1,743 $64$100$37
Cover to CoverHillside Church of MarinSan RafaelWed7:30 PM$0$105$835$50$25$327
CrossroadsPediatrics Bldg, Rms 1&2Terra LindaSun12:00 PM$867$1,227 $1,092 $0$180$40
Experience, Strength & HopeMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSat6:00 PM$500$690$91$0$73$0
Fathers in RecoverySt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelMon6:30 PM$0$149$0$0$85$0
FiresideBolinas Children's CenterBolinasFri8:00 PM$0$96$41$0$0$0
Freedom FindersAldersgate ChurchTerra LindaFri8:30 PM$0$642$235$0$203$79
Friday Night BookRedwood Presbyterian ChurchLarkspurFri8:30 PM$509$1,848 $1,316 $0$505$246
Glum Not!Redwood High SchoolLarkspurSun9:00 AM$334$590$200$0$105$75
God Could & Would If He Were SoughtMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelMon9:30 AM$0$200$150$0$263$312320
God Could & Would If He Were SoughtMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelFri9:30 AM$200$0$0$227$181$012320
GratitudeChrist Episcopal ChurchSausalitoTue8:00 PM$0$557$633$2$255$90
Greenfield NewcomersFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelSun7:00 PM$925$137$1,053 $0$373$74
Happy DestinySt. SylvesterSan RafaelFri7:00 PM$205$271$290$0$0$0
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyMon12:00 PM$500$400$750$36$681$298234
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyTue12:00 PM$0$0$0$0$5$0234
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyThu12:00 PM$0$500$0$80$93$0234
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyFri12:00 PM$0$0$0$0$106$0234
High & DrySausalito Cruising ClubSausalitoWed12:00 PM$0$350$635$22$17$34
Intimate FeelingsThe Quest ChurchNovatoSat10:00 AM$369$305$329$48$100$83
Inverness Sunday SerenityJack Mason MuseumInvernessSun10:00 AM$183$819$692$0$168$0
Just Can't Wait 'til 8The Quest ChurchNovatoMon6:30 PM$127$0$133$0$127$126
Keep It Simple SisterNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoThu7:00 PM$0$648$428$0$43$0
Larkspur HavenRedwood High SchoolLarkspurSun12:00 PM$500$1,442 $2,160 $0$58$168
Last Stop Men's Step StudyNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoWed6:00 PM$270$396$450$39$218$318
Living Sober LadiesHillside ChurchCorte MaderaThu10:00 AM$309$843$637$0$127$268
Marin Young PeopleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelFri8:30 PM$66$75$103$0$0$80
Men's 2 PlusLarkspurMon7:00 PM$0$313$317$0$0$0
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleySun8:00 AM$15$1,858 $975$91$182$397315
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleyWed7:00 AM$0$0$0$1$0$0315
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleyThu7:00 AM$625$900$0$0$478$0315
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleySat8:00 AM$0$0$0$104$9$0315
Mill Valley 11th Step MeetingStrawberry Rec CenterMill ValleyTue7:30 PM$100$166$646$0$0$0
Mill Valley DiscussionChurch of Our SaviorMill ValleyWed8:30 PM$164$1,288 $466$87$32$36
Monday BluesFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelMon6:45 PM$0$149$120$0$206$0
Monday MiraclesPeace Lutheran ChurchMill ValleyMon6:30 PM$0$744$380$50$81$267
Monday Night Women's GroupSt. Luke ChurchSan RafaelMon8:00 PM$500$71$662$139$0$124
Monday NoonersThe Quest ChurchNovatoMon12:00 PM$595$1,662 $2,236 $17$44$41
Morning AfterCommunity CenterMill ValleySat10:00 AM$300$1,745 $1,200 $0$681$276
Morning Attitude AdjustmentPt. Reyes Fire StationPt. Reyes StationSat8:00 AM$0$393$0$0$1$0338
Nativity Monday Night Big BookEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodMon8:00 PM$250$150$0$0$0$0
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSun12:00 PM$0$0$16$0$0$0488
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelMon12:00 PM$0$200$0$0$0$0488
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelTue12:00 PM$0$77$0$0$0$0488
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed12:00 PM$0$197$0$0$0$0488
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelThu12:00 PM$291$0$90$0$0$0488
Noon ReveilleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelFri12:00 PM$0$0$218$0$0$0488
North Marin SpeakerDruids HallNovatoSun12:00 PM$150$293$642$13$0$0
Not A Glum Lot GroupFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelFri8:00 PM$15$294$0$61$62$0
Novato PrideUnity in MarinNovatoTue6:00 PM$59$0$0$0$104$0
Novato Spirit DiscussionSt. Francis of Assisi Episcopal ChurchNovatoFri2:00 PM$0$214$289$0$14$0
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaSun5:30 AM$996$0$5,800 $0$235$0365
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaMon5:30 AM$0$0$0$0$10$0365
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaThu5:30 AM$732$896$0$0$0$0365
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaSat5:30 AM$0$0$0$0$18$0365
PathfindersNazarene ChurchNovatoTue12:00 PM$57$759$30$0$0$528
Quitting TimeFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelWed5:30 PM$500$2,002 $0$159$176$0380
Quitting TimeFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelThu5:30 PM$0$0$3,907 $0$721$1,285 380
RefugeeNazarene ChurchNovatoThu12:00 PM$175$0$0$0$0$0
Rise N ShineDruids HallNovatoSun10:00 AM$789$1,389 $2,084 $49$249$386
San Geronimo ValleySan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoMon7:30 PM$35$162$313$0$115$35
San Geronimo Valley Book StudySan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoFri7:30 PM$0$50$0$31$62$1
Saturday SerenityMethodist ChurchMill ValleySat8:00 PM$15$0$0$112$84$33
Saturday Weekend WarriorStrawberry Rec CenterMill ValleySat8:30 AM$500$1,000 $1,600 $216$160$126
Saturday Women's MeetingInverness FirehouseInvernessSat6:00 PM$275$179$344$0$0$0
SerendipityMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSat11:00 AM$418$598$80$0$32$0
Sisters In SobrietyEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodThu7:00 PM$72$0$60$78$117$58
Six O'Clock SunsetLutheran ChurchNovatoThu6:00 PM$150$727$400$0$106$0
Sober & SereneDruids HallNovatoFri7:00 PM$319$3,207 $0$109$330$129
Sober SistersFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoWed12:00 PM$0$23$321$20$0$32
Step 11 / Gong MeditationFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoThu5:30 PM$88$95$170$0$0$55
Steps To FreedomLutheran ChurchTerra LindaMon7:30 PM$0$348$500$38$170$52
Steps To The SolutionMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed7:15 PM$594$0$0$0$0$0
Strawberry Daily RemoteOnline Only MarinMarinSun6:00 PM$10$0$0$0$0$017254
Strawberry Daily RemoteOnline Only MarinMarinWed6:00 PM$7$0$0$0$0$017254
Strawberry Daily RemoteOnline Only MarinMarinSat6:00 PM$242$0$0$0$0$017254
Sunday ExpressNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoSun6:00 PM$0$305$191$0$65$66
Sunday FriendshipRed Hill ChurchSan AnselmoSun6:00 PM$373$575$376$0$0$41
T. G. I. TuesdayMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelTue6:00 PM$0$90$91$0$0$0
Terra LindaSt. Isabella'sTerra LindaThu8:30 PM$0$160$0$0$93$302
The Barnyard GroupDruids HallNovatoSat4:00 PM$286$458$542$104$0$390
There Is A SolutionNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoTue6:00 PM$0$35$50$30$27$35
Three Step GroupMethodist ChurchMill ValleySat5:30 PM$0$650$731$0$257$104
Thursday Night SpeakerMt. Carmel SchoolMill ValleyThu8:30 PM$1,157 $0$1,182 $254$1,685 $1,516
Tiburon Women's CandlelightWestminster ChurchTiburonWed8:00 PM$63$315$197$10$136$128
Tuesday Beginners MeetingMethodist ChurchMill ValleyTue7:00 PM$0$2,162 $2,020 $88$295$799
Tuesday ChipCommunity CenterSan RafaelTue8:30 PM$2$3,500 $1,197 $518$2,959 $1,387
We, Us And OursMill ValleyMon6:50 PM$162$532$947$2$616$0
Wednesday Mid-weekMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed6:00 PM$0$90$91$0$0$0
Wednesday Night CandlelightSan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoWed8:00 PM$115$115$229$0$0$95
Wednesday SundownersDruids HallNovatoWed6:00 PM$0$613$700$79$73$126
What's It All AboutNazarene ChurchNovatoFri12:00 PM$0$239$593$72$0$0
Wholly Together 11th Step Meditation MeetingEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodWed7:00 PM$102$47$194$0$1$0
Women's 12 x 12Hillside ChurchCorte MaderaFri10:30 AM$0$200$495$0$530$131
Women's Big BookHillside ChurchCorte MaderaTue10:30 AM$564$2,573 $2,650 $99$95$116
Women's Lunch BunchSt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelFri12:00 PM$93$356$476$0$260$0
Women's MeetingMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSun4:30 PM$0$285$150$0$89$118
Women's Step Study GroupLog CabinMill ValleyMon12:00 PM$42$0$0$0$90$0
Working DogsNazarene ChurchNovatoWed12:00 PM$197$978$1,559 $0$12$33

CNTR/LIT: CUR YEAR – Contributions current calendar year
CNTR/LIT: PRIOR YR – Contributions prior calendar year
CNTR/LIT: PRIOR 2 YR – Contributions 2 years ago