Intergroup News | June 2020

This is an unofficial summary of the June 2020 Intergroup meeting provided for convenience; it is not intended to be the completed approved minutes. For a complete copy of the minutes and full committee reports see “Intergroup” on our website

Our Intergroup exists to support the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic by providing and coordinating services that are difficult for the individual groups to execute.

The Intercounty Fellowship has been organized by, and is responsible to, the member groups in San Francisco and Marin for the purpose of coordinating the services that individual groups cannot provide.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, online via Zoom. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. The May 2020 minutes and the June 2020 agenda were approved.

Standing Reports

Board Chair, Alan G. The online Town Hall meetings will be via Zoom on June 18, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. All are encouraged to attend. The focus will be on restarting in-person meetings. San Francisco and Marin General Service will be there. Please encourage pre-registration for meeting of which the link will be in The Buzz and on the website Events Calendar. Intergroup meetings will continue to be online for the time being. Each A.A. meeting should have a Trusted Servant as a point of contact, so please encourage secretaries and treasurers to register their commitment online at

Treasurer, Renee T. We have financials for April 2020. Group Contributions are down, Individual Contributions are up and your help is really appreciated. Our current rating is “Excellent.” Special Projects Fund: Contributions of $140k were received in April. This was supported by Intergroup during our 2020 meetings. Special Projects will be reporting to the Board and Intergroup regularly. Note: H&I Contributions are down 78% and we have no updates from GSO.

Executive Director, Maury P. Is meeting regularly with Central Office volunteers on Zoom. Many will not be returning once Shelter-In-Place is over. Purchasing literature with curbside pickup is up and running. We are continuing to reach many members via The Buzz. We need more communication between San Francisco Teleservice, Marin Teleservice and HelpChat. We are also looking at how to maintain the website while we transition away from Shelter-In-Place and how meetings will be listed going forward. It seems Zoom disruptions are on the rise, so we are reviewing the options for listing remote meetings on our website. A fourth option to “Registration via Zoom” will be discussed soon.

New Business (moved to before Reports to accommodate Elections)

Board Elections, James O.

Introduced candidates NIkki T., Charlie B., Lara A. and Taran R. Voting was conducted via Link and the  Governance Committee will tally the votes.

Old Business

Survey Results

We had 289 respondents of which most did not hold a service position. Most meetings have seen an influx of newcomers. The majority of meetings have not discussed what to do after Shelter In Place has been lifted. Most groups are using a Member’s Zoom account, while others have gotten a Zoom account for the group. The majority of meetings have reported a decrease in meeting interruptions (but that seems to be changing). Having “one-click access” to meetings did not seem have a relationship to the number of meeting interruptions. Most meetings are able to meet their expenses and Venmo is the most widely used method of digital collections. Many meetings were not paying rent during Shelter in Place and few groups were required to pay during this time period. Some meetings were paying rent voluntarily. Services provided by Intergroup were highly rated by the respondents. Some meetings are talking about how to handle contact tracing after Shelter in Place is lifted.


Q; Is the survey still open?  A: No. Q: Will the members at large have access to the presentation? A: Yes. Q: What are the three areas of feedback mentioned in the survey and where do we send? A: Send feedback to while considering the following: Do we need workshops on digital contributions? What to include in the considerations for going back to in-person meetings? Options for meeting listings?

What’s On Your Mind?

Fellowship Committee: Founders Day Celebration via zoom is on Saturday, June 13, 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

It will include a History Presentation, Service Panels, Remote Communities Panel and aThree Legacies Panel. Spanish-to-English and ASL interpretation will be provided all day. It will be set up as a Zoom Webinar to avoid “Zoom bombing.”

Does AA have any resources for keeping members (especially members of color) safe and providing outreach to the various communities of color? Women’s Kitchen Table meeting is very interested, if anyone has information. Nikki from General Service has been putting together resources. 

Intergroup Committee Reports

Public Relations Committee, Guru P. We are working on Diversity and Inclusion; Bleam Mental Health Initiative (Mental Health SF + BEAM). We received an inquiry from the New York Times. We are developing a pamphlet proposal for “Housing-Challenged Members.”

The Point, John B. There are 6 great articles for the June issue which is now up on the website. We are looking for submissions for the July issue (topics cover the 7th Step/Tradition/Concept).

Marin General Service, Alex The Founder’s Day celebration in Marin will be on Sunday, June 7, 2:00 to 5:00 pm.

Election Results

Our newly elected Board Members are Taran R., Charlie B. and Lara A.

Targeted Message

  • Founders Day 2020 – Saturday, June 13, 1:00 to 5:00 pm
  • Town Hall and Presentation of FAQ on Considerations from Reopening – Thursday, June 18, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Register here.
  • Archives Committee Survey
  • Communicate what Intergroup is and does – each of us is part of the Outreach Committee!
    “Intergroup/Central Office is the local AA service provider that brings you, our meeting schedule, 12th step support – including 24/7 phone coverage, Sunshine Club meetings and HelpChat, AA literature, group insurance and more.”

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting: Wednesday, July 1, 2020, 7:00 pm, location to be determined. Please email with any questions.

Treasurer’s Report

Month Ended April 2020

For April 2020, Gross Profit (revenue minus COGS) was $28,941, this was over budget by $8,149 due to higher than expected Individual contributions and lower COGS. Gross Profit is $11,193 over budget year to date.

Total Operating Expense for April was $24,764, which is slightly over our monthly average of $24K.

The result is a Net Operating Surplus of $4,192 for the month, this is $6,268 over budget. This leaves the fellowship with a $17,332 surplus year to date.

Group Contributions for April were $13,388, under budget by $2,948. Group contributions are $11,231 under budget year to date. Individual Contributions for April were $15,335*, over budget by $12,611. Individual contributions are $24,969 over budget year to date.

(*Not included in this figure is a $140k individual contribution in April 2020 – See Special Projects Fund)

Total Unrestricted Cash for April 2020 was $103,866, an increase of $2,833 from March 2020.  Unrestricted Cash is more than 4x monthly operating expenses.



Every month we rate our monthly finances as “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”.  Generally speaking, here are the definitions of those terms:

EXCELLENT:  We exceeded our budget.  Our income was greater than our expenses for the month and we have more than two months’ worth of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.  Operating expenses are roughly $24K/month, so we’d have over $48K in unrestricted cash balances for the month.  The Intergroup rating has been “excellent” since December 2019.

GOOD: We are meeting our budget.  Our income for the month, or for the YTD, was slightly greater than our expenses and we’d have approximately 1.5 – 2 months of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances. The last time we were “good” was in November 2019.

FAIR: We are not meeting our budget.  Our expenses were greater than our income for the month and for the YTD – and our unrestricted cash balance would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5x our operating expenses.

POOR: We are not meeting our budget and our unrestricted cash balances fell below one month of operating expenses. The last time we were “poor” was in December 2016.

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