Intergroup News | July 2019

This is an unofficial summary of the July 2019 Intergroup meeting provided for convenience; it is not intended to be the completed approved minutes. For a complete copy of the minutes and full committee reports see “Intergroup” on our website

Our Intergroup exists to support the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic by providing and coordinating services that are difficult for the individual groups to execute.

The Intercounty Fellowship has been organized by, and is responsible to, the member groups in San Francisco and Marin for the purpose of coordinating the services that individual groups cannot provide.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, at the First Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin Street in San Francisco. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. Baskets for dinner were passed. The June 2019 minutes and the July 2019 agenda were approved.

Standing Reports

Board Chair, Alan G. New Board Chair – Welcome to the new Board members. There will be an orientation and a retreat to assign roles next month. Our Service Table roundtable continues and we will integrate the Consensus process in our Board meetings. There has been a request for a Senior in Sobriety Designation to the meeting guide. We just leased a new copier with significant savings as compared to our prior lease.

Treasurer, Renee T. Review the financial handout. The current rating is Excellent. We are trending downward and Individual Contributions are down compared to last year. We extend a “thank you” to Alix F. for her help in the handoff of the Treasurer’s position. We encourage you to become a Faithful Fiver (recurring individual contributions) right now. GSO is raising the limit on bequests to $10,000 per individual.

Executive Director, Maury P. I am very excited about our new Board! Here are some stats: (see slides) 40-45% of groups contribute to Central Office. If yours does not, consider becoming a Faithful Fiver. Additionally, “The $8.06 Challenge” – if everyone sent in $8.06 to the General Service Office, they would be self-supporting. GSO is getting a new online contribution system put in place. Reminder: please register any new secretary and treasurer with Central Office. It can be done online under Trusted Servant Registration.

Intergroup Committee Reports

The Point, John B. We are proposing new mission statement (during Old Business), We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at Central Office at 2:30 pm. Our call for submissions on the 8th Step, Tradition and/or Concept. Contact us at

SF PI\CPC, Molly J.  Is the new Chair. At our 1st meeting, we filled almost every position. Will be present at Sunday Streets in the Mission in July. Gave a brief rundown on what PICPC does.

Fellowship, Elena R. Thanks for making the two June events possible. For SF Founders Day, all who stepped up, including Lara for being the Emcee and Meredith for food. Thanks also to all who volunteered at the production of I am Responsible in Novato: it was a great success! 

SF Teleservice, Lara A. We filled all the coordinator positions, however, we still need a co-chair. See slide for description. Contact us at We also have open shifts. Our next monthly orientation will be July 15.

The Buzz, Anne Marie C. Our bi-monthly email newsletter of events and service opportunities. Fun Facts: Open rate was 12% lower last year (42% this year), 17 new subscribers in the past month, “Most Clicked” link in the past two Buzz postings were the Log Cabin 12th Step Workshop. The average Click Rate is 3.3% and 294 subscribers opened within 3 hours. There is a link on the website to subscribe.

Orientation, Trevor J. Alison is our 2nd person on the committee. Welcome new IGRs! We are looking for suggestions to make orientation better. Passed around buddy sheet for new IGRs.

Sunshine Club, Ann M. The Sunshine Club brings meetings to people who are homebound or in a facility and cannot make it to outside meetings. We need more committee members. Our next orientation will be July 14 at the Gratitude Center.

Technology (and reporting for Archives), Taran R. For Archives: We are working on a Living Sober Archive and could use more help. Archives meets 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at Central Office on the 3rd Sunday of the month. For Technology: The Chair position is open. We’ve been actively conducting Tech upgrades for Central Office. We will be going to the NAATW in September, which is in Kentucky. Also, the Help Chat function on the website is doing fine.

Liaison Reports

Marin PICPC, Evan C. We are joining forces with Al-Anon for the next Senior Fair. We are also working on Outreach to high schools and middle schools.

SF Bridging the Gap, Pete F. Currently, Bridging the Gap was being seen as redundant. We are changing focus to getting on paperwork for release instead of giving presentations.

General Service District 6, SF, Steve The 5th Edition of the Big Book is not happening this year. Discussion of the 5th edition at this time would just distract from the change to a Digital Edition. Expense was not taken into consideration. District 6 has asked for a group conscious about the 5th Edition. The wording of the pamphlet about “anonymity” is being changed to address safety concerns. District 6 is available to help with safety concerns.

Marin Teleservice, Carlo We covered phone for July 4th when Central Office was closed. Currently, all positions are filled.

We are thinking of having a booth at the General Service Summer Assembly.

Old Business

Committee Chair Elections and Voting Rights

Governance Committee, James Should Committees elect their own chairs or should they be appointed by Intergroup?

Maury P.: Gave context that the by-laws state that Intergroup elects the chairs and encourages a spirit of rotation.

Discussion: Liz: Committee members cannot vote. Elena: would like a vote. Hal: feels that committee rotation is vital. Drew, question: Has this been the case the past? Answer: Kind of, but committees keep going dark without rotation. Further discussion brought up that rotation would bring more light into the service committees. Pete: Feels like there are three different conversations, election, voting rights and rotation. Should Committee chairs have voting rights? Jillian: Why should they not have a vote? Renee: If they are elected, they should have a vote; if they are not elected maybe they should not. Pete: wants to sharpen the discussion next month.

The Point Committee – Proposal of Revised Mission Statement

John B. Motion: Shall we accept this new mission statement? Old statement was read. Consensus was taken with mixed input. James, question: How is The Point different from the Grapevine (or what is the point of The Point?) Will A.A. business and local information from The Point? Maury: Compared old version of the statement and proposed version.

Taran: Is The Point less about business and more about stories or does the proposed mission statement merely reflect the current reality of the online Point? Consensus was taken about moving to vote, a simple majority. A vote was taken and Passed by simple majority. Producing a hard printed copy availability was tabled.

What’s On Your Mind?

Pete F.  We are shutting down a five-day-a-week noon meeting. Remember that financial self-support is not the same as meeting self-support.

Targeted Message

  • Did your group just hold elections? Register Trusted Servants and distribute 7th Tradition contributions
  • Inform your group members about our Faithful Fiver program
  • Sunshine Club needs Marin members
  • Communicate what Intergroup is and does – each of us is part of the Outreach Committee

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting: Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 7:00 pm, at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, 101 Donahue Street in Sausalito. Orientation is at 6:00 pm, dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

Treasurer’s Report

Month Ended May 2019

For May 2019, Total Revenue was $18,029, this was under budget by $4,439 due to lower than expected individual contributions. Total Revenue is $5,539 under budget year to date. Total Operating Expense for May was $22,801, under budget by $1,089, due to lower than expected committee and employee costs.

The result is a Net Operating Deficit of $4,683 for the month. This leaves the fellowship with a $6,118 deficit year to date.   

Group Contributions for May were $9,745, under budget by $359. Group contributions are $836 over budget year to date. Individual Contributions for May were $4,872, under budget by $4,636. Individual contributions are $10,267 under budget year to date.

Total Unrestricted Cash for May 2019 was $71,227, a decrease of $4,064 from April 2019.  Unrestricted Cash is about 3 months of operating expenses.

The rating for May 2019 is “Excellent”.



Every month we rate our monthly finances as “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”.  Generally speaking, here are the definitions of those terms:

EXCELLENT:  We exceeded our budget.  Our income was greater than our expenses for the month and we have more than two months’ worth of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.  Operating expenses are roughly $22K/month, so we’d have over $44K in unrestricted cash balances for the month.  The Intergroup rating has been “excellent” since December 2016.

GOOD: We are meeting our budget.  Our income for the month, or for the YTD, was slightly greater than our expenses and we’d have approximately 1.5 – 2 months of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.

FAIR: We are not meeting our budget.  Our expenses were greater than our income for the month and for the YTD – and our unrestricted cash balance would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5x our operating expenses.

POOR: We are not meeting our budget and our unrestricted cash balances fell below one month of operating expenses. The last time we were “poor” was in September 2016.

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