Intergroup News | February 2020

This is an unofficial summary of the February 2020 Intergroup meeting provided for convenience; it is not intended to be the completed approved minutes. For a complete copy of the minutes and full committee reports see “Intergroup” on our website

Our Intergroup exists to support the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic by providing and coordinating services that are difficult for the individual groups to execute.

The Intercounty Fellowship has been organized by, and is responsible to, the member groups in San Francisco and Marin for the purpose of coordinating the services that individual groups cannot provide.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 101 Donahue Street in Sausalito. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. Baskets for dinner were passed. The January 2020 minutes and the February 2020 agenda were approved.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 101 Donahue Street in Sausalito. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. Baskets for dinner were passed. The January 2020 minutes and the February 2020 agenda were approved.

Standing Reports

Board Chair, Alan G. We are working on a survey for Intergroup Outreach. We are beginning process of putting together our annual report. Discussion is being held regarding making changes to software being used. The Intergroup Board is always looking for help (even if you are not on the board), so let us know if you are interested. Intergroup Statistics were presented (see slides).

Treasurer, Renee T. For 2019 we have a surplus of $4000. See budget figures from handouts. Our rating is “Excellent,” which is up from last month.

Executive Director, Maury P. Central Office still has five volunteer shifts open that need to be covered. Our call volume is up by 10%. HelpChat on is still having success. A thank you note was sent to Intergroup.

Intergroup Committee Reports

Fellowship, Elena R. The next Safety Workshop is coming up in San Francisco on Saturday, February 29, at 10:00 am. There will be 3 speakers and a roundtable discussion on a number of topics on safety. We need volunteers as table moderators, for refreshments and for set up. Question: What is a safety workshop? Answer: An Opportunity to talk about safety issues in meetings. There will be seven different tables discussing different topics. Then the information will be shared with the group at large. Contact us at

Archives, Kim S. The speaker who was set for the March event is unable to attend so it will be postponed to a later date. Stay tuned. Our next meeting will be about cataloging practices. We have a new chair: Michael C. will be taking over! Contact us at

San Francisco Teleservice, Lara A. Lara will be stepping down and Luke H. will become the new Chair.  Our orientations for new members are on the 3rd Monday of each month at Central Office at 6:00 pm. Contact us at

The Point, John B. (Michael covering) Our next committee meeting will be the 2nd Saturday in March. The Point is always looking for new volunteers. We need artists, so contact us at

Orientation, Trevor J. Tonight we have 5 new IGRs. We are still using the Buddy system, so please sign up on the Buddy sheet and support our new members.

Sunshine Club, Clayton B. We are looking for another Coordinator. The great news is there were 15 new volunteers in Marin County from the January orientation. Thank you! Contact us at

San Francisco PI/CPC, Molly J. Recent Events & Activities: There was discussion around “diversity” and our fellowship. We will be participating in an event on “Asian Americans and Addictions” in March and presenting to students at UCSF in early March. We need 2 Sunday Streets Co-Coordinators who will help carry the A.A. message to the general public by organizing our info table for each Sunday Streets date in 2020. This responsibility is intended to be shared by two Co-Coordinators who will oversee and coordinate service activities for these 11 events from March 8 through October 18. Other A.A. members will be participating but the coordinators will have the primary responsibility. Attending the monthly PI/CPC Committee meeting is expected. Contact us at

The Buzz, Anne Marie C. Opens rates for The Buzz are good but we need more clicks! The Safety Workshop was the most clicked post in the last issue. Contact us at

Service Community Liaison Reports

General Service, Alison We have common issues with Intergroup: outreach and retention. We are coming up on “Agenda Topics” season, so we are accepting topic suggestions for the new year. We need more District Committee Members (DCM).

San Francisco Bridging the Gap, Phil S. We are still working on how best to reach out to newly released inmates. Bridging the Gap picks up where H&I leaves off.

Marin Teleservice Liaison, Jillian E. A new liaison will be selected next month. All committee positions have been filled.

Marin GS Liaison, John We have scheduled another 12th Step Workshop. Also, we are looking for help with future workshops.

Marin PI/CPC See slides.

Old Business

Board Governance Committee: Amendments to IFAA Bylaws

Reviewing bylaws are a requirement. Need to make sure current practices reflect the bylaws. The Governance committee has been conducting a thorough review and so far there has been no feedback.

Outreach Roundtable

The importance of sharing ideas. Start emailing out to IGRs or meeting secretaries before the upcoming Intergroup meeting. We should have more resources for registered Trusted Servants.

New Business

GGYPAA Support

Making a bid for ACYPAA. Unanimous support for writing a letter of support.

What’s on Your Mind?

Julie: Curious to see how many people are going to the Detroit International Conference.
Renee: Save your receipts if you bring side dishes for the Intergroup meeting dinner.
Alison: Sobriety by the Bay was really poorly attended and wondered how we can help.

Targeted Message

  • Safety Workshop, Feb 29 at 777 Brotherhood Way! See for details
  • Five open shifts at Central Office, one-year sobriety requirement
  • Communicate what Intergroup is and does – each of us is part of the Outreach Committee

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 7:00 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin Street in San Francisco. Orientation is at 6:00 pm, dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

Treasurer’s Report

Month Ended December 2019

For December 2019, Total Gross Income (revenue minus COGS) was $47,222, this was over budget by $3,097 due to higher than expected Group contributions. Gross Income came in $18,393 under budget for the year.

Total Operating Expense for December was $24,095, under budget by $2,191, due to lower than expected committee costs. Expenses came in $16,008 under budget for the year.

The result is a Net Operating Surplus of $24,237 for the month. This leaves the fellowship with a $3,903 surplus for the year! 

Group Contributions for December were $37,730, over budget by $9,320. Group contributions were $9,915 under budget for the year. Individual Contributions for December were $7,709, under budget by $6,683. Individual contributions were $12,144 under budget for the year.

Total Unrestricted Cash for December 2019 was $85,107, an increase of $32,529 from November 2019.  Unrestricted Cash is about 3.5x monthly operating expenses.

The rating for December 2019 is upgraded to “Excellent”.



Every month we rate our monthly finances as “Excellent”, “Good”, “Fair” or “Poor”.  Generally speaking, here are the definitions of those terms:

EXCELLENT:  We exceeded our budget.  Our income was greater than our expenses for the month and we have more than two months’ worth of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.  Operating expenses are roughly $24K/month, so we’d have over $48K in unrestricted cash balances for the month.  The Intergroup rating has been “excellent” since December 2019.

GOOD: We are meeting our budget.  Our income for the month, or for the YTD, was slightly greater than our expenses and we’d have approximately 1.5 – 2 months of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances. The last time we were “good” was in November 2019.

FAIR: We are not meeting our budget.  Our expenses were greater than our income for the month and for the YTD – and our unrestricted cash balance would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5x our operating expenses.

POOR: We are not meeting our budget and our unrestricted cash balances fell below one month of operating expenses. The last time we were “poor” was in December 2016.

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