Intergroup News | February 2019

This is an unofficial summary of the February 2019 Intergroup meeting provided for convenience; it is not intended to be the completed approved minutes. For a complete copy of the minutes and full committee reports see “Intergroup” on our website

Our intergroup exists to support the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic by providing and coordinating services that are difficult for the individual groups to execute.

The Intercounty Fellowship has been organized by, and is responsible to, the member groups in San Francisco and Marin for the purpose of coordinating the services that individual groups cannot provide.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church,

101 Donahue Street in Marin City. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. Baskets for dinner were passed. The January 2019 minutes and the February 2019 agenda were approved.


Standing Reports

Board Chair, John R. We have an open board seat for partial term. Requirements are 2 years sobriety, prior service experience, board members attend monthly Intergroup, Unity Day, join a board committee, Appreciation Dinner; it’s a little bit of time. A comment came from the floor that the Statement of Interest form for new board applicants seems pretty involved. John responds: This is to fill the last 4 months of a term for someone who stepped down. Regular and annual board elections will be in June for 3 seats. Bylaws state we should strive for twice as many candidates as we have seats open. A reminder that a Faithful Fiver contribution commitment directly supports Central Office and  Board committees: Executive, Finance, Operations, and Governance. The play “In Our Own Words” will be running for its 10th Anniversary, February 8 & 9 and 15 & 16.

Treasurer, Alix F. The Treasurer position will be open in June. Requirements are a little different: accounting experience is needed, QuickBooks experience is also a big plus. 2018 finished with $182k contributions; $52k individual contributions; $18k Gratitude Month, that’s $3.6k under budget. We had $92k in bookstore sales; total revenue under budget $6k. Total expenses were $277k, under budget by $2k.

Executive Director, Maury P. Maury was hired in this job 17 years ago today! Intergroup orientation provides bylaws where the requirements for board members are outlined. The Statement of Interest asks for professional or non-profit experience and a service resume. We aim for as much diversity on the board as we can achieve. We had 3 attorneys at the same time 3 years ago; now we don’t have any attorneys on the board. We still need Central Office volunteers to fill 5 open shifts. Archives volunteers will help excavate their files and organize. Ask your meeting secretaries and treasurers to register as Trusted Servants. Maury recently attended the 5th Annual History Symposium.

Intergroup Committee Reports

SF Teleservice, Lara L. We’ve filled out committee roles and are fully staffed. We are conducting a monthly orientation and still need volunteers. We answer all the calls when Central Office is closed.Please continue to make announcements.Had 50 or more people at our meeting; Teleservice would love to do orientation.We’re hosting our Appreciation Lunch on April 20 at 777 Brotherhood Way in San Francisco. Email us at

The Buzz, Ann Marie C. If you have updates, please submit them a few days prior to the day we send. Subscribe by going to The Point is now available online and is also linked to The Buzz. The subscription numbers are showing a steady increase by approximately 5 new addresses each month.We have 1893 subscriptions currently!

Fellowship, Elena R. The play starts this weekend and runs through next weekend! Get tickets at and there is a discount buying ahead of time. Flyers for the play are in the packets on the tables, so please make announcements.Jackie B. has 2 great speakers on both Saturdays between the matinee and the evening performances. They are: Steve F., former Central Office coordinator from Oakland for 14 years and Billy N., a Class B trustee from Georgia.Thanks to everyone who volunteered for box office, greeters, etc.

The Point, John B. The Point is only available online now.We’d like to take limited printed copies to drop off at rehabs, so is there anyone with 2-sided laser printer?We are looking for more people to join the editorial staff. For the March issue we are working on 3rd Step, 3rd Tradition and 3rd Concept.

SF PI/CPC, Justin H. Our purpose is to carry the message to the public at large and the professional community. Schools and court systems have proven challenging as of late. We are focused on bringing info to inmates in San Francisco county jails but we’re not H&I. We describe the program and hand out schedules and answer questions. If anyone has ideas of how to break through, please let us know and join us. We only have a few members on our committee. We meet the 2nd Monday of every month; orientation is at 6:00 pm and the business meeting is at 7:00 pm.

Sunshine Club, Maury P. covering for Ann M. Volunteers took meetings to people due to illness. They are in need of a meeting coordinator.

Technology, Taran R. Is there any secret Facebook group interest? Email to get an invite and Lois Wilson will invite you to join. “Secret” vs “private” Facebook groups means everything is visible to only other members; it cannot be looked up. The Technology committee is looking for volunteers: design, front-end development, JavaScript, so email Anyone with WordPress experience is needed as a backup webmaster or webservant.

Archives, Kim S. At the A.A. History Symposium we displayed our local archives next to displays from CNCA, Akron A.A., New York GSO and others. Send us pictures of your meeting spaces to Send your group histories, flyers, business meeting notes too. The next history event will be Women, Part 2 coming up on February 17 at Central Office at noon.

Orientation, Greg M. It’s a big meeting tonight, so welcome to the new IGRs!

Liaison Reports

Marin PI/CPC, Andrew We are trying to “de-stigmatize” the perception of A.A. at the public level. Theless secretive we are, the better. We have positioned our turnovers and new members but still looking for people to fill roles of which we have openings.

Marin Teleservice, Carlo We just had our first meeting of the year where we filled all 16 of the rolled-over positions.Please join us at our next meeting.

Marin H&I, Karen G. The H&I Pink Can annual report is included in packets tonight and posted on the website. Northern California does over 30k meetings per year at institutions!The 46th Annual H&I Conference is on May 3,4 & 5 in Vallejo. We have the application form for sponsorship for H&I members for the San Quentin sponsorship program. A 1-year sobriety requirement and service experience is required.

GGYPAA, Justin H. We do dope stuff! On February 16 we’ll be doing a comedy show called “GGY HAA” after a meeting at the Park Gym in San Francisco.

General Service District 6, Justin We moved our monthly meeting to 1751 Sacramento St. at the Old First Presbyterian Church. We’ll be talking about agenda topics. The workshop will be on February 16 to discuss further.

Bridging The Gap, Pete F. We’re trying to revive this committee and service for San Francisco. We coordinate to get folks to their first meeting from detoxes, jails, institutions, etc. We pick them up, meet them nearby; whatever is needed. We just try to make them feel welcomed. There is a 6-month “lightly suggested” sobriety requirement. Question from Karen: does women from the jail allow or not allow BTG to pick women up from jail in Marin? Pete responds that we just try to coordinate and try to make it work out. Karen is concerned pick-ups from jail are not allowed, or maybe just in Marin. Pete is unsure of the policy in San Francisco.

Old Business

Change the Primary Domain Voted to change from to The vote resulted with 28 in favor, 1 not in favor, 2 abstentions. The minority opinion: the only reason for the “1 not in favor” was to hear more about the financial impact. Taran responded he was the one to looked into this and confirmed there will be no fiscal impact. The roll out of new logo/naming/domain name will be included in new materials as they are printed. We got the renewal notice today for the domain name of A second vote was taken resulting with 28 in favor; the motion passes.

New Business

Strategies for Connectivity Last month, Alix talked about outreach (contributions, literature, IGR, secretary, treasurer). We got contributions from 43% of groups, which is up from 35-40% on average in years past.8% of groups have an IGR.Only 29% have a treasurer or secretary registered with Central Office out of all of all groups (way more treasurers than secretaries).Currently, 16 IGR represent Marin groups and 40 represent groups in San Francisco. There are 229 meetings with financial contact, which is 28% of total meetings. There are 48 meetings with no contact at all, which is 6% of total meetings.Clubhouses were removed from the data set.What are effective methods of reaching the meetings by type of no/connectivity?Should we even approach focus on groups with no contact or those not represented, but who participate in the 7th Tradition?Should we approach free standing meetings differently than meetings held in clubhouses?How can we achieve the goal of connectivity with 100% of the groups in our service area?

Discussion Let’s get a list of meetings with no contact for next month and pass it around as a sign up to attend and make an announcement. Many are in favor of this idea. Let’s go in teams like a 12th Step call. We should get a list of 20 every month, consistently targeting them every month. Clarifying question: What’s the goal? To get an IGR? Yes, the goal is to get more IGRs so everyone has a say. We need to have a point of contact to ask if there’s been a location change or if someone shows up and the doors are locked. It’s also for 9th Step service committees doing 12th Step work. We need more volunteers and to widen our pool of people who would be potential volunteers. What if we open up more Trusted Servant options to register than just secretary and treasurer?

What’s On Your Mind?

Eileen for the Mill Valley Beginner’s meeting: Winter Fest will have a meeting at 7:00 pm, event and dinner to follow. Tickets are available February 23 at the San Rafael chip meeting. Alison had a lot of interest in the prison pen pal program but didn’t know what has happened with that. Email  Join the Tribe Men’s Group did their own A.A. history: started in 1994 and met in a member’s home for 3 years. Keith encourages others to share their history and submit them to Archives.

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting: Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 7:00 pm, at the First Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin Street in San Francisco. Orientation is at 6:00 pm, dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

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