Intergroup News | January 2019

This is an unofficial summary of the January 2019 Intergroup meeting provided for convenience; it is not intended to be the completed approved minutes. For a complete copy of the minutes and full committee reports see “Intergroup” on our website

Our intergroup exists to support the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the still suffering alcoholic by providing and coordinating services that are difficult for the individual groups to execute.

The Intercounty Fellowship has been organized by, and is responsible to, the member groups in San Francisco and Marin for the purpose of coordinating the services that individual groups cannot provide.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, at the First Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin Street in San Francisco. The meeting was started with a call to order and the Serenity Prayer. Baskets for dinner were passed. The December 2018 minutes and the January 2019 agenda were approved.

Standing Reports

Board Chair, John R. was absent but received the update from
Pete F. We have an open Board position to fill. Please submit interest by EOW. The term ends in June, so length is 6 months. Marin females are encouraged to apply.

Treasurer – Alix F. November we closed 11 months strong. Group Contributions were $168k and Individual Contributions were $42k. Central Office Bookstore sales under budget by $2k. Operating Expenses were under by $13k. The YTD deficit is $15k from budget. We have $76k in Unrestricted Cash, which is 3 months operating expenses. We are still getting contributions from groups and for Gratitude Month. Please encourage treasurers to submit all contributions ASAP.

Executive Director – Maury P. was absent, report submitted Central Office will be closed January 21 for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Ask your group to notify Central Office of any closures. Group Insurance policy renews January 10. Central Office has 4 open phone shifts that need to be filled with a 1-year sobriety requirement.

Intergroup Committee Reports

Archives, Kim S. The next history event in February or March. Expecting Women’s Event Part 2. It was a huge success last time. We are cataloging what we have and looking for more space because we’ve run out of room at Central Office. We’re asking for pictures of group meeting spaces. Send photos to Put the meeting name and location and the purpose. It is for a presentation at Unity Day and is for our community. We’ve had 1 submission so far. Reminder: IGRs are the meeting archivists. The Archives committee can help with that. Meet 12pm to 2pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Central Office.

Technology, Taran R. We ended 2018 “gently.” We helped The Point go digital. HelpChat launched into its own committee and no longer part of the Tech Committee. We are upgrading some technology software. The big thing on the radar is including Marin in the domain name that will be on the agenda later tonight.In November 600 people searched for “Meetings in SF” and found our site via Google Search.

PI/CPC, Justin H. Lots of service opportunities, including liaising with radio, media, TV and others.  

Meet the 2nd Monday of the month at Central Office. Orientation is at 6:00 pm and the business meeting is 7:00 pm.

Fellowship, Elena R. A reminder that we have a play coming up titled “In Our Own Words – 10th

Anniversary.”  Postcards with info are in the back of the room to share at meetings. Tickets are available online A preliminary volunteer list will be passed to help at box office and onsite opportunities.

Orientation, Greg M. Two Intergroup buddy sign-up boards will be passed for all the new and numerous IGRs. The second board is for the February buddy sign-ups.

The Buzz, Anne Marie C. Email newsletter that goes out twice monthly with upcoming events and news. See Anne Marie if interested in signing up or contact her online. A question about The Point, LinkedIn, The Buzz. And yes, this is happening.

SF Teleservice, Lara L. The Friday Coordinator position is open. Orientation is the 3rd Monday of every month at Central Office at 6:00 pm. We discussed last month about bringing orientation to various interested meetings. IGRs should ask their groups (50+) if they’re interested. Email The holidays had the phone lines booming!

The Point, John B. The Point is live digitally as of yesterday. The link to The Point will be included in The Buzz.It’s local and includes stories about local people and things happening. The issue for February includes 2nd Step themes. Meet the 2nd Saturday each month at 12:30 pm at Central Office. We are still looking for fellow editors.

Hospitality, Ken J. Please help clean up. For your information, Jackie B. is doing a fundraiser for Living Sober, the oldest LGBTQ sobriety conference. Stay tuned.

Liaison Reports

Sobriety by The Bay, Mickey Thanks for getting the word out about this year’s conference. There’s more flyers to distribute. We’re offering sponsorships to local treatment centers paying the registration fee for those in treatment to attend. This is good for those who would be unable to attend.

Marin PI/CPC, Andrew We’re aiming to do more orientations and to get into schools. PI is Public Information and every meeting can have a representative for this service committee. Meet the 4th Thursday each month at the Marin Alano Club.

SF General Service, Justin, incoming DCMC We are now meeting at the Old First Presbyterian Church adjacent to Central Office on the 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm.

Marin H&I Liaison, Karen G. We had great attendance at H&I.There is a new group facility in San Anselmo for anyone in Marin who is young. Side by Side is restarting on Mondays at 7:00 pm. Volunteers must go through orientation in order to participate. The audience is teenagers, so young volunteers are encouraged. There is a new program starting at San Quentin by doing sponsorship (male only) to inmates. You have 15-20 minute conversations and decide if it’s a good fit. All are sober members of the jail community. Some are lifers, others not.

Marin Teleservice, Patrick M. A handful of shifts are available. January will be a turnover of service positions; that’s 17 positions up for grabs!

GGYPAA, Justin H. There are open positions on the committee. We put on dope events! You don’t have to be young to participate. Meet the 2nd Sunday each month at 12:00 pm, alternating between San Francisco and Marin.

Presentation Archives presentation on Ray H., one of our Founders.Peter M. is the original curator of this presentation. Ray was one of the original Founders and starter of A.A. in San Francisco. Peter went to GSO Archives (NYC) and Walnut Creek CNCA Archives to do research. We found his journal and tickets of notable A.A. events. August 1941 is Ray’s sobriety date whereas A.A. reached San Francisco in 1939. He was somewhat of an archivist … a bad one! GSO’s rule is “do no harm” but he would staple and pin things. When Bill W. and Louis visited San Francisco in 1943, Ray was part of the welcoming committee. There was a meeting with a fancy banquet dinner at Franklin Street on November 27, 1943. Ray was a pioneer in going to San Quentin meetings, which was the first facility to start H&I here in Northern California. He had meeting notes that are housed at our San Francisco/Marin archives.  He described himself as the “bald-headed bastard.” Ray kept notes on meetings with Rathbon (sp?), a Stanford professor and psychologist, as well as early development with PI/CPC. He chaired a committee in 1948 for the first NCCAA Conference where Bill W. spoke as the keynote; ticket stubs are in the Central Office archives.

Old Business

Outreach and Connectivity- Alix F. Intergroup has lowered our shipping rates for literature sales to local members. Conducted an analysis on lowering shipping with a negligible impact to financials.  A question was asked about shipping to Fairfax. She confirmed the lowered shipping goes to any members in our fellowship living in San Francisco & Marin counties and these rates are commensurate with GSO’s rates.

Intergroup Connectivity There are 5 points of connection with member groups:

  • Contribution
  • Literature
  • IGR
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Registered GSR (for SF meetings)

If a group is not registered, it’s important that we encourage meetings to register their Trusted Servants so that Central Office can that meeting in case of meeting closures, changed locations, etc. It’s aimed to improve communication on behalf of the newcomer.

Key Data Points 

  • Contributions in last 3 years are from 78% of groups
  • Only 12% of meetings have a registered IGR
  • Only 36% of meetings have either a treasurer or secretary registered with Central Office
  • Currently, 11 IGRs are from Marin and 33 from San Francisco; we are looking for more from both counties

This info is designed to address how we can better reach out to our community. Registering as a Trusted Servant is simple and easy. All IGRs are part of the Intergroup’s “outreach” committee


Group elections should encourage new volunteers to register. Trevor asks if individuals could register who they are and their Home Group so more people are connected. But then have separate Trusted Servants registered as secretary and treasurers. Lucy: Many meetings don’t have any order, info or archives. So, these new Trusted Servants have no idea about registering or if a meeting location changes. There is minimal “pass it on” knowledge. Adam: This is new info to me as I’m still new. Where is all this found? Pete F. answers it is found on under “Service and Sponsorship.” Don: In the spirit of outreach, he likes Trevor’s idea of a new category for individuals able to connect with Intergroup. Pete: The targeted message for this month is focused on Trusted Servant registration. Michael P. clarified that currently the website is only designed for secretary and treasurer registration.

Primary Domain Change, Taran R.  Presented proposal to change the primary domain for our website from to The implications of the impact changing the Intergroup URL is in the monthly meeting packet. Most of what’s there is stuff most people shouldn’t/wouldn’t care about. Clarifying question about redirecting the old domain to the new: Is that a period of time only? Answer: The old domain will never go away. Ashley:  A concern is that pointing new members to our website is easier to use AASF that is only 4 characters whereas the new domain is longer and has double the characters. Taran comments that AASF is still a viable URL to point new members toward. Individual from Sobriety by the Bay based in San Jose: From an outsider’s perspective, he’s well aware Marin is included in part of the Intercounty Fellowship. Pete gets a read of the room, finding most people are comfortable to vote. Michael P. points out “long term,” if Marin officially splits off, may not be viable in the future. Many hands raised with readiness to vote but in the interest of time and potential disagreement, Pete pushes the vote to next month.

What’s On Your Mind?

Kim S.: Someone reminded her that there’s an A.A. History Symposium in February and registration is limited. Andrew: He was sick 2-3 weeks ago and couldn’t get to a meeting. He found that local Intergroups have recorded speakers (like Contra Costa Country) but we don’t have any recorded shares on our website. Kim notes that we have many in our Central Office archives for listening but there’s a conflict about hosting those on our website because of anonymity issues including first and last names on those recordings. Pete asks Andrew to reach out to Contra Costa for additional information. Kim will reach out as well to learn about their group conscience policy regarding hosting speaker tapes on the website. John: His group, Rule 62, has died but could be resurrected if there’s any interest. 

Targeted Message

  • Help communicate what Intergroup is and does
  • We are all responsible for outreach
  • Send in Gratitude Month contributions
  • The Point is now digital! 
  • “In Our Own Words – 10th Anniversary” is February 8-9, 15-16

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting: Wednesday, Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 7:00 pm, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 101 Donahue Street in Marin City. Orientation is at 6:00 pm, dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

Intergroup February 2018
Treasurer’s Report

Month Ended December 2018

For December 2018, Total Revenue was $36,069, under budget by $7,649. This was due to a higher than expected group contributions. Total Operating Expense for December was $34,182, over budget by $10,888. This was mainly due to an out of period adjustment related to employee healthcare costs. The result is a Net Operating Surplus of $2,345 for the month.

Group Contributions for December were $13,991, under budget by $38. Individual Contributions were $10,556, under budget by $2,435.

Total Unrestricted Cash for December 2018 was $77,564, an increase of $1,518 from November 2018.  Unrestricted Cash is over 3 months of operating expenses.

We ended 2018 with a year to date deficit of $2,477, just under our budget of an operating surplus of 0.

The rating for December 2018 is “Excellent.”


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