Corrections Correspondence Service

A.A. members urgently needed for Corrections Correspondence Service – especially men!

The General Service Office has an urgent need for A.A. men to write to inmates through the Corrections Correspondence Service (CCS).

Currently there are 200 male inmates waiting for an outside A.A. member to write to them. (Female A.A. members in prison can get linked right away, thanks to all the female volunteers who have signed up.)  We need your help to alleviate this problem.

CCS is not a traditional pen pal service or automatic sponsorship service.  This service offers the opportunity for A.A. members on the inside and the outside to share experience, strength and hope with each other via postal correspondence.  G.S.O. only makes the initial connection, which is a random match between inmates with a drinking problem and outside members of the same gender who live in another region or province away from the correctional facility.  The CCS program does not assign sponsors, but a sponsorship relationship may develop after the initial contact is made. 

For more information and forms to participate:

 Mail Call means everything for those incarcerated.  One on one sharing – one A.A. member to another – helps both the insider as well as the outsider.  Those who participate express that carrying the A.A. message and sharing experience, strength and hope is everything.   Please distribute CCS forms and send to

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